Hacking Harmony: A Music & Dance Hackathon @ Peabody

Are you passionate about music and technology?

Bring your ideas for music apps, electronic instruments, or music teaching tools to this 24-hour hackathon, Feb. 1-2, and a chance to win a $2,000 grand prize! The event will feature guest artist/judge Laetitia Sonami and guest judge Michael Droetboom (Peabody alum/Mozilla).

Students from all JHU campuses and programs are eligible to participate (including Peabody, KSAS, SoE, Carey, Medicine, APL, and SAIS)! The 24-hour event will also introduce students to new topics in music and technology with workshops, including an introduction to programming for neural networks, introduction to programming Max/MSP, and an introduction to open sound controller.

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