Odyssey: Living Dangerously: Interviews with the Taliban and Al Qaeda

Photojournalist Ben Barber interviews the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Khmer Rouge, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and others. The United Nations has identified journalism as one of the most dangerous professions. Few reporters remain willing to interview authoritarian officials in rogue countries such as Iran and Yemen, tribal chieftains and narcotics producers in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and accused terrorists representing Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Why do journalists risk their lives conducting in-person interviews in parts of the world where no tourist would go in order to "get" a story they may not live to tell? Since 2003, over 800 journalists have died far from protective areas and safe zones. Although he was often seconds away from being shot, photojournalist Ben Barber returned alive by remaining calm and asking tough questions in the madrasas, refugee camps, and poverty-stricken villages he visited where, surrounded by ongoing conflicts, he took thousands of photographs that provide shocking visuals representing circumstances no one would want to experience. Why do journalists risk their lives? To help us better understand the many issues of division between the advanced countries and the still-emerging nations.

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