Register for HopServe50

What's HopServe50? It's a Center for Social Concern service challenge to complete 50 hours of service throughout the school year to benefit the greater Baltimore community. There's no penalty for not completing the hours, and there will be giveaway prizes and an end-of-year celebration.

What counts as service hours? Any volunteer activities that take place in Baltimore City, or with agencies that are not physically located in Baltimore City but whose work benefits residents of Baltimore (ex. Maryland Food Bank). Volunteer activities completed over breaks that are not relevant to Baltimore will also be counted. For assistance in finding a volunteer opportunity, join a CSC Student Group or check out the list of individual volunteer opportunities. Weekly emails that list new opportunities will be sent out.

To register, visit, create a Track It Forward account, and for the dropbox under "I am participating in the HopServe50 Challenge:" select yes. Track It Forward is where hours will be logged and there is a convenient app to download for easy logging.

What's the celebration and prizes? For those who have completed 50 hours of service, the CSC will host an end-of-year celebration with food, fun, and more. Orange graduation cords will also be given out at this time for those who qualify. Throughout the year, active participants will have a chance to win give away raffle prizes.