Odyssey: The Fate of the Middle Class

What is the American middle class and what is its fate today? While definitions differ, many agree that the middle class has been the bedrock of American development since World War II. And many also recognize today that the middle class is undergoing seismic change. Our Odyssey Perspective examines the history, culture, and politics of the middle class up to the present and for the future. Topics include economic and educational opportunity, political expression and action, social mobility planned and otherwise, class perspectives and understanding, technology and labor transformation, race and gender experiences. These and other middle class fields are explored by six presenters in five sessions.

See the Odyssey fall catalog for a description of each class and information about the presenters.

910.814.01 Homewood campus
Wednesdays, Oct. 3-31, 6:45-8:45 p.m.
Cost: $135 (five sessions)

JHU full-time faculty/staff are eligible for tuition remission. You will be unable to register online and receive a discount. Contact 410-516-8516 for more details.