Apply to become a Hopkins ambassador for Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club

For details on the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, visit Fill out an application here: Contact Celina Lee ( for more questions.

Benefits of Being a WUHC Ambassador: • Partake in valuable networking opportunities with perspective employers • Receive special accommodations (i.e., housing) for an annual conference, biannual corporate dinners, and other special events • Priority consideration to participate in case competition • Add a valuable component to a résumé • P.S. Attend parties hosted by committee leaders.

By serving as a WUHC Ambassador, students will: • Reach out to relevant department heads, program leads, and deans about securing funding for tickets and travel expenses • Recruit students at their university to attend the conference and/or participate in the case competition • Serve as a liaison between WUHC and the cohort of students attending from their school