Homewood Undergraduate Research Assistant Position Available

The Social-Emotional Capacity Lab at the School of Education is looking for dedicated students who are interested in working in a lab through research independent study credits (2-3 credits). This lab is supervised by Dr. Lieny Jeon at the School of Education.

Undergraduate research assistants will be involved in studies of child development, teachers' social-emotional wellbeing, and early childhood education policies.

Duties for this research assistant position will include: 1) literature and policy reviews 2) data entry and cleaning 3) transcribing audio files 4) supporting logistics of research implementation 5) assisting with data organization 6) ensuring proper storage of data and materials 7) working as part of a team to ensure valid and reliable data collection and participants satisfaction with the process.

Students will be exposed to piloting and implementation of a research study that incorporates methods from basic science, public policy, and developmental psychology. College-level psychology courses are helpful for this position but not required.

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and a brief statement of interest (less than 250 words) to our lab senior assistant, Katherine Ardeleanu, kardele1@jhu.edu, by September 10, 2018.