New 3-credit Intersession course in Australia: Digital Photography in Melbourne

Introducing a new intersession abroad program this January: Digital Photography in Melbourne, Australia. Students perfect camera and post processing skills in this three credit Humanities course located in the vibrant, artsy cultural capital. The course's home base will be the Photography Studies College (number one art college in Australia) with its excellent facilities for post processing and printing. We will have a photo outing each day to a unique area; Melbourne is filled with laneways (alleys with amazing murals), shopping arcades, and museums. There will be numerous opportunities to learn about the culture and history of this capital city through lectures and visits to the Center for Contemporary Photography and the National Gallery. Students will also travel on the Great Ocean Road that hugs the west coast with its beautiful beaches, redwood forests and unique terrain.

Students will have a two day photographic workshop before leaving for Australia, so that they can get to work day one. They will produce a portfolio of images and have a small exhibition in Melbourne, but will print the remainder of their work back at JHU. After the return students will have an opening and show at the Center for Visual Arts at JHU, where they can invite fellow students, family and friends.

PROGRAM DETAILS: Dates: Thursday, January 3 - Saturday, January 26, 2019 Credits: 3 (H) All majors welcome Instructors: Phyllis Berger and Howard Ehrenfeld

ONLINE INFO SESSION: Monday, September 24th, 2-3pm Details at