Fundamentals of Research Coordination: A course for research staff

The detailed work of implementing a research study is often delegated to the research coordinator or nurse. Research staff are frequently responsible for managing grants and budgets, preparing regulatory submissions, writing study protocols, creating data collection forms, managing databases, developing recruiting plans, and supervising others. Individuals in this role know all too well the difficulties of learning on the job. The School of Nursing is offering this course on Sept. 12-14 to teach you the skills to be successful in research coordination and give you an overview of topics needed to sit for the Association of Certified Research Professionals exam, enabling certification.

Already certified? This course also keeps you current in research topics.

This course has three components to help you strengthen your research career:

  • Online modules
  • Two and a half-day onsite program
  • Quarterly research webinars

Register online. Cost for the three-day workshop is $1,900, but tuition remission is offered to eligible full-time JHU employees. The tuition remission form is here. More information about the workshop can be found on the Fundamentals of Research Coordination website.