Homewood campus traffic alert: Disruption starts Monday

BGE will start work next week at the intersection of San Martin Drive and University Parkway. The project will disrupt traffic flow at the San Martin Drive entrance to the Homewood campus for about three weeks.

The utility has just informed the university that it is installing underground electrical conduits in the University Parkway roadbed in an area crossing the San Martin Drive intersection. The project will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 6.

San Martin Drive will be partially closed at the University Parkway intersection, but BGE will maintain two-way traffic into and out of San Martin throughout the three-week project.

Sidewalks and the crosswalk will remain open to allow pedestrians to cross San Martin Drive.

If they wish to avoid the area, drivers who need to access San Martin Drive may do so from the road's southern end, at Wyman Park Drive near the South Garage.