Hop Reuse Hub: Homewood Recycling promo video

Check out the new short promotional video for the Hop Reuse Hub, as well as the new online inventory, both designed by Hopkins rising senior Roderick Bowlby.

The Hop Reuse Hub, previously known as the JHU Furniture Reuse Program, was designed by Homewood Recycling to increase the quantity and quality of reuse on the Homewood campus, as well as to encourage and inspire the JHU community to resist the "throw-away culture." In addition to furniture, Hub Reuse Hub offers office supplies and refurbishment services to the JHU community. Homewood Recycling also hosts Fix-it Fairs and provides donations and outreach to local Baltimore nonprofits.

For more information, contact the Hop Reuse Hub coordinator, Brigid Gregor, at bgregor9@jhu.edu.