Searson Lab seeking participants for exercise study

Purpose of the study: To develop a wearable sensor that can measure the concentration of chloride ions in sweat. Help the researchers develop a sensor that could be used for diagnosis and clinical management of individuals with cystic fibrosis, as well as monitoring performance-related dehydration in athletes.

Location: Tests will be performed in Croft Hall room G10 in the Searson Lab.

Study procedures: Participants will be asked to exercise on a stationary bike at fixed levels of effort for up to 70 minutes while wearing one or more sensors, along with a conventional wearable fitness sensor, to measure physiological parameters such as heart rate, breath rate, and skin temperature.

Eligibility criteria: Healthy individuals (male and female), 18 to 60 years old, who work out at least four times per week.

Benefits to participants: $20 Amazon gift card upon completion of each test. The successful completion of three trials yields an additional $20 gift card bonus. Further trials may be conducted at the same rate ($20 per trial, $20 bonus after three trials).

Time commitment: Each test will consist of 65-70 minutes of exercise, but the full test visit takes two hours. At least one visit will be required for each participant. Participants completing multiple visits will be restricted to a maximum of one test per day.

Principal investigator: Peter Searson, Institute for NanoBioTechnology, 100 Croft Hall, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218

For more information:
Grant Kitchen, email, or call/text 443-796-5990.