Community supported agriculture pickup site returns to East Baltimore in June

Want fresh, local veggies delivered to you at the East Baltimore campus this summer and fall? Join a completely new Community Supported Agriculture experience that brings you customized boxes of organic produce from One Straw Farm in Baltimore County every Tuesday afternoon from June 3 to Nov. 17. Pickups will be from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Bloomberg School of Public Health building. Choose between a small share for two people at $16 per week, a medium share for four people at $27 per week, or a large share for six or more people at $36 per week. The produce selection changes weekly, depending on what's in season locally and your preferences. When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to customize your box by rating each vegetable from 0 ("I never want it in my box") to 4 ("I love it!"). All Johns Hopkins students, trainees, staff, and faculty are invited to join. Flexible payment plans are available.

Sign up for the One Straw Farm CSA on the farm's website. Search for our pickup location by using the ZIP code 21205 or click "list view" and select JHSPH. For questions about our Johns Hopkins pickup site, email

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