Summer JHU research assistant positions at Center for a Livable Future

The Center for a Livable Future is currently recruiting for a limited number of graduate student summer research assistant positions to work this summer. The positions will provide programmatic, research, and administrative assistance to Center for a Livable Future staff members. Responsibilities for each position will include a range of duties and activities, such as conducting web-based research, report writing, data cleaning and data entry, data analysis, literature review, event planning, use of social media tools, and communication material development. Performing administrative support activities is part of each Center for a Livable Future Research assistant's scope of work, but will generally involve no more than 20% of work hours. Research assistants are encouraged to attend Center for a Livable Future-sponsored seminars, lectures and other activities scheduled throughout the summer. 1. Research assistant: food system mapping 2. Research assistant: food communities, Food Policy and Public Health 3. Research assistant: technical assistance to Meatless Monday 4. Research assistant: food waste prevention: reducing resource use at the seafood-energy-water nexus 5. Research assistant: safe urban harvests 6. Research assistant: food production and public health 7. Research assistant: a pilot study of antibiotic resistant bacteria in farmed atlantic salmon 8. Research assistant: food system lab @ Cylburn Applications for Center for a Livable Future student summer research assistants must be received by 8 AM on Friday, April 6, 2018. For more Information on the student research assistants at Center for a Livable Future, including how to apply, please visit