Skills in demand

It's not what one says, it's how one says it. In competitive STEM and industrial fields, communication is essential. Effectively disseminating and receiving information not only affects the fields themselves, but each professional in those respective fields. In this class, students will use improv techniques to strengthen their abilites to share scientific and technical information fluently and spontaneously without confusion or ambiguity. Additionally, this class will build upon students' oratory and collaborative skills using theatrical exercises and improv comedy to cultivate powerful, thoughtful and authentic voices. There are no prerequisites to participate.

The class, Improvisation for Enhanced Teamwork and Communication, EN.663.626 (2) is a 7-week short course open to all Hopkins graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and is offered the second half of the Spring semester. It meets on Thursdays from 3-5:30 on the East Baltimore campus. It is not too late to join. Find the description in SIS or at the Center for Leadership Education website.