Apply to the Academic Ethics and Conduct Board

The recruitment season for the Academic Ethics Board and Conduct Board for the 2018-2019 school year is underway, and on behalf of all the current board members, we would love to consider new applicants.

The Ethics Board and Conduct Board are committed to maintaining academic excellence and personal accountability throughout the entire Hopkins community and to uphold the high ethical standards of the institution. In collaboration with faculty and staff, the boards are responsible for serving a peer-facilitated hearing process for students regarding potential violations of Academic Integrity or the Student Conduct Code. This experience includes representing the University in cases of alleged misconduct, thoughtful skill-training and development sessions, as well as programming to promote an emphasis on, and understanding of, ethics and accountability for peers.

We value impartiality, compassion, and productive problem-solving for the future. Serving on the board is an experience that incites members to critically consider the purpose of ethics, integrity, accountability, and personal development and is also an opportunity to work with other impassioned members of the student body.

We invite you to apply for the Academic Ethics and Conduct Board via this link: The application deadline is extended to Friday, April 6th.