Odyssey: 'Exit, pursued by a bear'—Exploring the making of one of Shakespeare's most beguiling plays

Shakespeare's play, The Winter's Tale, is often categorized as "troubled" because it defies categorization: Is it is a fable, a romance, or a comedy? It begins with heartache but ends with redemption and forgiveness. In part one of this two-part course, the class will go behind the scenes at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company's theater on South Calvert Street to delve into the background of the play and meet with the director, Isabelle Anderson, a renowned actor and acting teacher, originally from Australia. Part two includes a performance of The Winter's Tale, followed by a talkback with the actors.

912.566.91 Chesapeake Shakespeare Company $94 (two sessions) enrollment limited to 30 Behind-the-scenes visit, 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 10; performance and talkback, 8 p.m., Friday, March 16 (please arrive at 7:15 p.m.).

JHU full-time faculty/staff are eligible for tuition remission. You will be unable to register online and receive the discount. Contact 410-516-8516 for more information.