Participants needed for EEG/fMRI research

The Courtney Lab is looking for participants for research on the relationship between cognitive control and aging. The study involves one session of EEG and brief neuropsychological assessments and one session of fMRI.

Eligibility: Right-handed people ages 18-35 and 55-85 with no history of metal in their bodies (fillings OK) are likely eligible.

Time commitment: The study will take about 3 hours, spread over two days.

Location: EEG will take place on the Homewood campus, and fMRI will take place at the Kennedy Krieger Institute next to the medical campus.

Compensation: Participants will receive $15/hour for their time, plus a completion bonus for doing both sessions.

For more information, email or call 410-516-5649.

Principal Investigator: Susan Courtney, PhD
IRB protocol #: NA_00030664, HIRB00004624