Upcoming Study Abroad Application Deadlines

Upcoming Study Abroad Application Deadlines: February 15 for Fall/Year Hopkins Departmental Programs Barcelona U. Pompeu Fabra, CASA programs in Spain and Latin America, Hopkins Madrid, Hopkins King's College London, Hopkins Bocconi University in Milan, Sciences Po Exchange, Paris HEC, Hopkins Chile, St. Andrews University, Waseda Global Leadership Program, and Engineering exchanges at the Technical University of Denmark, EPFL in Switzerland, and National University of Singapore. For more information on Hopkins Departmental programs, go to https://studyabroad.jhu.edu/find-a-program/hopkins-semester-year-programs/ March 1 Hopkins Summer Abroad Programs International Studies in Bologna, New Advanced Spanish Language program in Costa Rica, New Museum Studies program in Italy, and Engineering Research in Shanghai and Madrid For more information on Hopkins summer abroad programs and upcoming info sessions, go to https://studyabroad.jhu.edu/find-a-program/hopkins-summer-abroad/. Other Approved Fall, Year, and Summer study abroad programs: April 1 for JHU internal application materials Remember: Many 3rd Party Providers have deadlines BEFORE April 1. Check https://studyabroad.jhu.edu/jhu-abroad/plan/important-dates/ for exceptions to these deadlines For more info about program options, please visit the Office of Study Abroad and/or attend the Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday, February 6 at 5-7pm in the Glass Pavilion.