Recycling and composting got you confused?

If you are on the Homewood campus and find yourself at the waste stations looking at the signs and looking at the item in your hand unsure of where it goes, contact Leana Houser, Homewood recycling manager, at to schedule a visit.

Homewood Recycling will go over the basics with you and/or your department, assess whether you have the right bins in the right locations, and talk about how you can take your waste reduction efforts to the next level with our Zero-Waste Events, Furniture Reuse, and Terracycle and Free Food Alert programs.

Since 2013, waste diversion on the Homewood campus has improved dramatically. We've gone from a 26 percent average recycling rate for the 2013 academic year to a 44 percent average for 2017 and even hit 50 percent this past October. That means that half the waste we disposed of on campus did NOT go to the incinerator just a few miles from campus. We are proud of this accomplishment and thank all of you who helped us achieve it, and yet we know we can do even better. So reach out to us, visit our website, and follow Homewood Recycling on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our efforts to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle on Homewood campus!

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