School of Nursing: Preceptor Training for Clinical Faculty and Preceptors

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is offering Core Concepts for Clinical Preceptors & Faculty, an online course with nine research-based learning modules focusing on training needs of clinical faculty and preceptors. These modules are high-quality, highly interactive, and user-friendly, and are designed to develop and improve the teaching and mentoring skills of clinical faculty and preceptors.

The cost is $10 per module or $80 for the bundle. Full-time benefits-eligible JHU employees may submit for 100 percent tuition remission. The tuition remission benefit application is online .

Modules are designed to prepare preceptors and clinical faculty for mentorship and training. All the content is available 24/7. Group pricing is available for your organization, and one complimentary viewing of the course is included for someone in your organization. A complimentary app is also provided for on-the-job help and training.

Further information about the program can be found in the brochure Preceptor Training for Clinical Faculty and Preceptors.