Cultural Sensitivity: Working More Effectively with Latino Patients

Across the country, many communities have seen growth in the Latino population. Here in Baltimore, that number is more than 20,000 individuals. This is why Johns Hopkins School of Nursing wants to prepare and educate health care professionals who are faced with both language and cultural barriers in their daily practice. And knowing how to negotiate health care decisions can turn negative patient experiences into positive ones.

Learning a new language takes time, but a newly acquired cultural sensitivity is available through a half-day workshop, Cultural Sensitivity: Working More Effectively with Latino Patients. Acquire the cultural understanding that brings success in communications with patients and their families.

This workshop helps clinical care providers and staff connect with Latino patients in new and meaningful ways, building skills through experiential activities, interactive lectures, and group discussions. The workshop is delivered in English, but you may learn un poco of Spanish along the way!

All staff who regularly interact with a diverse patient population are encouraged to attend this half-day workshop, which meets from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. Register on the workshop's webpage. Cost is $45, and tuition remission is available to full-time, benefits-eligible JHU employees. There is no cap to this benefit, and it does not deduct from the annual $5,250 allotment for credit courses.

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