MoTrack Therapy is recruiting new members

MoTrack Therapy is a startup focused on revolutionizing at-home hand therapy. The product uses cutting-edge technology to provide real-time corrective feedback and an engaging, game-like rehabilitation experience for its users. The researchers are testing their product in clinics across the nation as well as modifying and building an application for mobile devices.

The startup is mentored by a biomedical engineering professor, and the principal investigator for the clinical trial is a hand surgeon connected to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The startup is looking for dedicated, hardworking individuals who learn well on the job. Previous experience with phone development, contacting and networking with investors, or applying for grants and entering competitions is preferred but not required. Above all, the startup would like people who are enthusiastic and excited to work with MoTrack Therapy's close-knit team in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.

To learn more about the product and team, check out the MoTrack Therapy website.

Email with questions and/or your resume if you're interested in learning more about the positions at MoTrack Therapy. We look forward to hear about how you can add to our team!