Spring 2018 Professional Development Program Modules

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to enroll in the spring 2018 Professional Development Program modules. The seven-week program comes at no additional tuition for students in full-time JHU programs.

Modules are filling up quickly, but the following courses still have room for interested students:

Full Semester Modules:

  • EN.663.622 Professional Presentations for Graduate Students

First Half Modules:

  • EN.663.630 Business Creation and Contracts
  • EN.663.641 Improving Presentation Skills for International Students
  • EN.663.649.01 Continuing Dissertation Writing Workshop
  • EN.663.651 The Entrepreneurial Cycle and Developing Effective Business Plans
  • EN.663.673 Leading Teams in Virtual, International and Local Settings

Second Half Modules:

  • EN.663.649.02 Continuing Dissertation Writing Workshop
  • EN.663.652 Emotional and Cultural Competency
  • EN.663.654 Commercializing Your Invention or Idea
  • EN.663.661 Searching the Academic Marketplace
  • EN.663.674.02 Fundamentals of Management
  • EN.663.675 Communicating in a Crisis
  • EN.663.676 Demand Discovery: Finding and Creating Customer Value NEW

To view all open modules and course descriptions, visit the PDP website, or search SIS for all EN.663.XXX courses.

Please direct questions to the Whiting School's Center for Leadership Education, cle@jhu.edu.