Undergraduate Research Assistants wanted for Surgical Education project

A trans-disciplinary project across the schools of engineering, medicine, and education is seeking two volunteer undergraduate research assistants for Intersession and Spring semesters in 2018. This project falls under the Johns Hopkins Science of Learning Institute Research Grants.

We aim to study how expert surgeons deconstruct surgical skills learning and feedback. We are capturing surgeons thoughts about task execution, planning and corrections with the goal to structure them into an objective tool that surgeons can use to provide feedback to each other. http://scienceoflearning.jhu.edu/research/can-technology-enable-effective-and-efficient-learning-of-surgical-technical-skills

You will be working along side computer scientists, surgical educators and professional educators to transcribe surgical narrations, annotate and analyze surgical activities and the corresponding feedback provided by experienced (expert) surgeons.

If you are a pre-med, this would be a wonderful opportunity to interface with surgeons and medical students at the School of Medicine. You will be working on a novel project that brings together data science, adult learning, coaching, and behavioral research to advance surgical training. You may be able to do this work for credit as an independent research study.

Who is the faculty involved? Engineering: Anand Malpani, Swaroop Vedula, Gregory Hager Education: Christina Harnett, Linda Tsantis, Lieny Jeon Medicine: Gina Adrales, Bethany Sacks

Job Requirements Prior experience of working on research projects is helpful but not required. Experience in behavioral sciences related courses is a plus. Detail-oriented, can work in a team, disciplined in setting timelines and meeting deadlines. Will be required to complete online training for research ethics and handling human subjects data. Will be expected to attend weekly project meetings that last about an hour (unless conflicting with academic commitments e.g., courses, office hours). Minimum 6 hours (during Intersession) and/or 3 hours (during Spring) – open to negotiation on a case-by-case basis. Work hours on project will be flexible (exception of meetings). Work can be done from anywhere. Meetings with project team members will happen at the Malone Hall building on Homewood campus. Occasionally, meetings may be at the medical campus.

Application Deadline: January 5th 2018 (positions will be filled on a rolling basis, apply sooner) If you are interested, please email to Anand Malpani (anandmalpani@jhu.edu) with the following information: • Name and contact information (email/phone) • Major, year of enrolment • Available for Intersession / Spring / both? • Whether you are interested in independent study credit • Relevant work experiences (paid/volunteer) • Special skills, awards/honors, co-curricular activities