Boren Scholarships for study abroad in regions critical to U.S. interests

Boren Scholarships provide unique funding opportunities for undergraduates who are U.S. citizens to add an important international and linguistic component to their education by studying abroad. The award focuses on geographic areas and languages that are critical to U.S. national security and underrepresented in study abroad (i.e., not Western Europe and Anglophone nations). Students may study for one year or a semester; STEM majors are invited to apply for a summer program through the Boren's STEM initiative. In exchange for scholarship funding, all Boren Scholars must agree to a one-year post-graduation service requirement during which they work for the federal government in the national security arena.

For more information about the Boren Scholarship, contact Dr. Jeannette Miller ( in the National Fellowships Program. Work on the Boren application takes place in December and early January in preparation for the JHU campus deadline of Jan. 22.