Odyssey: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Computers

In the last century, quantum mechanics has expanded from simply a theory of the behavior of subatomic particles to one with applications in fields as diverse as neuroscience, philosophy, quantum information, and computing. Even though the mathematics and philosophical foundations of the theory are famously complex and difficult, this course seeks to provide a gentle but in-depth introduction to anyone interested in the newest developments in this rapidly moving and exciting scientific field. Students will explore the various paradoxes and interpretations of the theory and gain a conceptual understanding of the theory's foundations and applications. No prerequisites or familiarity with quantum mechanics is required.

No class Nov. 22. Students need not have calculus for this course. The recommended text for the class is Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum by Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman, supplemented with outside readings that are conceptual rather than deeply mathematical. The book uses linear algebra as its base, which we will work through in class … as a whole it will not be mathematically intensive … The weekly readings will be handed out in class the week before we cover them.

917.584.01 Homewood campus Wednesdays, Oct. 18 to Nov. 29, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Cost: $150 (6 sessions)

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