Take the Work-Life Pledge to intentionally focus on you

It's hard to be work-life fit if you're not focused on your work-life mix. Are there changes that you would like to make to better juggle your work and your personal life? Make you feel a greater sense of effectiveness and well-being? Maybe taking the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge for October will help you implement strategies that rebalance your work-life mix.

The Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity for faculty and staff to choose from best practices in five categories known to improve work-life effectiveness. Individuals who take the pledge choose from a menu of strategies to customize and commit to a 30-day action plan.

The purpose of the pledge is to create a pathway of support for daily choices that positively impact one's work-life fit, and to build a community of champions for work-life culture at Johns Hopkins. Enhanced social support will be introduced for those who are interested in discussing the tips and resources shared each week.