Hopkins Symphony Concerto Competition

The bi-annual HSO concerto competition will take place on Feb. 3 and 4, 2018, with winner/s to perform on the April 29, 2018 Symphony Orchestra concert. Interested musicians may apply online November 1- December 4, 2017, and must have prior repertoire approval. Further application details and deadlines can be found online [at the HSO website]https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/hso/current-season/concerto-competition/.

The HSO Concerto Competition provides the opportunity for JHU students to further their musical studies, gain experience in preparing and auditioning for professional musicians, and receive public recognition for their work. The competition is open to all JHU students not majoring in music. Founded by HSO orchestra member Hernan del Aguila (JHU '08), with support from a JHU Arts Innovation Grant, the competition is now a bi-annual event.

For more information, please [visit our website]https://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/hso or contact the HSO office at hso@jhu.edu.