Compostable plastics in all Homewood dining locations

Even though they look like regular plastic, the to-go containers (except sushi containers) and cups sold in all the Homewood campus dining locations are actually made from corn so they are compostable. Close the loop by putting your plastic items in the compost bin so they can be turned into soil to help grow more plants—including ones here on campus.

Providing compostable plastic is part of the university's commitment to sustainability and is supported by Dining, Bon Appetit, Alkimia, The Daily Grind, Bamboo Café, and the Office of Sustainability.

You don't have to check the cups and containers at Homewood, but if you bring something from off campus and want to check if it is compostable, look for the words "compostable," the number 7 inside the recycling triangle on it, or the letters "PLA." Think "plant" when you see these letters and put your item in one of the many yellow bins on campus so it can break down once again into organic material. Some of the finished compost comes back to campus to be used in our landscaping and at giveaways in the spring. If you don't see these notes, your plastic cup or container can go in the recycling bin, but please be sure it is empty of all food.

For more information about waste reduction and diversion on the Homewood campus, connect with Homewood Recycling on Facebook, Instagram, or check out our FAQs on the Recycling Services page of the Facilities & Real Estate website. You can also connect with the Office of Sustainability for loads more sustainability resources.