Submit Intersession course proposals

Intersession 2017 in January registered around 1,800 students, which was about 33 percent of the total undergraduate population of Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering.

It is now time to start planning the curriculum for Intersession 2018, keeping in mind that we need course offerings to meet students' needs in the core requirements, as well as courses that consider those out-of-the-ordinary topics that attract Hopkins students to take part in this program.

All course proposals must be submitted using our online course proposal submission system. Log in using your JHED ID and password. If you do not have a JHED ID, speak to the academic coordinator for the sponsoring department and request that they enter the course for you.

Proposals are due by Sept. 29.

If you taught a course in the past, contact Rita Trulinos ( for reactivation. Whether resurrecting a course or submitting a new proposal, be sure to confirm that all information is correct, including course number and class schedule, or communicate edits, if needed. If a preferred schedule is not entered, a schedule will be created by OSIP.