Got ink/toner cartridges?

Homewood Recycling is requesting that all departments make use of the take-back programs offered by HP and most other cartridge manufacturers, as well as Office Depot. When you purchase new toner cartridges, you will find a prepaid shipping label inside the new box. You can put the old cartridge back in the box, tape it up, attach the shipping label, and send it back to the company.

You can also request a free envelope or collection box for your office to ship multiple HP products for recycling and learn more about HP's commitment to sustainability by visiting the HP website.

If you cannot locate a free shipping label for your cartridges, you can submit a recycling request for Homewood Recycling to pick them up; however, people should do their best to return the cartridges to the manufacturer. Homewood Recycling always strives to recycle materials to their best and highest use, so sending these items back to the manufacturer will ensure that they are either repurposed or recycled into new cartridges. The office's electronics recycling program is best served if it is geared toward computers and other devices that have electronic components.

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All campuses offer ink and toner recycling services, but the process varies by campus. Find out how you can recycle ink and toner on your campus on theĀ Campuses & Contacts page of the JHU Office of Sustainability's website. Click on your campus and navigate to the FAQ section. Any questions? Let us know at