JH SoN presents Surviving and Thriving in an Academic Career

The School of Nursing wants to welcome you and provide the support and tools you'll need to ensure your continued success.

Surviving and Thriving in an Academic Career (June 22-23) is a tremendous opportunity to engage with and hear from senior faculty on how best to build your career portfolio. This free workshop, held at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, is a chance to ease your transition and become more successful as you move forward in your career at Hopkins and beyond.

The session titles say it all, from "Keys to Early Career Success in Academia," to "The Grant Cycle: Strategies for Success," to "Lessons I've Learned" and "Publishing and Thriving." We have worked extremely hard to put this program together with you in mind, and we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you.

Learn more and register online.