Volunteer on a Medlife Summer Mobile Clinic

Medlife is a global organization that is an acronym for Medicine, Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere. JHU has its very own Medlife chapter that plans fundraising events and coordinates volunteer opportunities to further the Medlife cause. Over winter break and during the summer, they organize trips to developing countries for students to volunteer with Medlife mobile clinics. A typical week with Medlife involves working on a development project (ex: building a staircase, painting a school, or building a bathroom with a sturdy sanitation system), touring the city and going on excursions, and participating in clinical rotations (OB/Gyn, general medicine, education, toothbrushing, pharmacy, dentist, and triage). For more information, visit Medlife's website: http://www.medlifeweb.org/about-us/what-is-medlife.html If interested, contact medlife.jhu@gmail.com.