Music volunteering trip with Musicare

Musicare is opening signups for the last trip of the semester, which will take place on May 7th, Sunday. For this trip, you can choose which location you'd like to go. One will be to Mercy Medical Center at 1:00 pm. You'll most likely be visiting individual patients from room to room. The other trip is on the same day, but at 5:00 pm to Karina Cafe. This is a new location we are trying out, where they sponsor music therapy to individuals and families affected by disabilities. Both trips will take place on the May 7, 2016. Indicate which one you'd like to join on the signup form. Please fill out the Google form here by 11:59 PM of Tuesday (4/25). Musicare will send out group assignments and sheet music shortly afterwards. Lastly, please help Musicare raise funds to design shirts by going here Email us at if you have any questions!