Spring Fair concert ticket pick-up

Hello lucky ticket holders of Spring Fair concert tickets:

To go to the concert, you must get an official Rams Head Live ticket from one of the Spring Fair staff members.

How can you do this?

Come find a member of the Spring Fair music committee (Rachel Fuhrman, Meera McLane, Harrison Elliot, or Richard Kim) at one of the times specified below. You do not need to bring anything; just tell us your name and we will give you the ticket(s) you purchased! If the times below do not work, we will also be able to exchange them in the spring fair office the week of the concert and we will post on this page if we have other times and places to find us!

Go Spring Fair

Monday April 17 1pm to 4pm in Brody Café

Tuesday April 18 10am to 12pm in Gilman Atrium

Wednesday April 19 1pm to 3pm in Brody Café

Thursday April 20 10am to 12pm in Gilman Atrium 4:30 to 6pm in Brody Café

Friday April 21 12pm to 4pm in Gilman Atrium

If you have any questions please contact springfairmusic@gmail.com