Scheduling period begins 8:30am April 17, 2017 for fall semester

Scheduling period for the fall semester begins on April 17, 2017 for all registered student organizations to schedule up to two special events. Weekly meetings may be scheduled from April 17 to June 16, as well. The special events and weekly meetings should be scheduled using the online form link below and not the online scheduling site. Any submissions to the online site will not be processed. All student organization events must be registered and approved by the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. You must request the space from Scheduling and Events and register your event with Student Leadership and Involvement. These are two independent processes, but both must be completed in order to host your event.

Changes for Scheduling Period: Scheduling period will be completed online for the fall semester and will not require in-person appointments in order to expedite the process and be more mindful of student's time. Requests will be filled based on first-come first-serve by the submission date. All weekly meetings must be scheduled during scheduling period. Any requests submitted after June 16, 2017 will need to request general pool classroom spaces. Weekly meetings are scheduled in 1 ½ hour time blocks, Monday thru Sunday from 6-7:30pm;7:45-9:15pm; 9:30pm-11pm. Room confirmations will be sent out starting at the end of July. Please note, all weekly meetings scheduled for the fall will be rolled over to the same date and time for spring semester so plan accordingly. You will not need to go through scheduling period for spring semester for your weekly spring meetings unless you are not able to do the date and time from the fall. Space will be limited though if you need to change and will not be in one location.

Below is the online link to schedule your special events and weekly meetings. Please give as many alternative dates as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Scheduling & Events at 410-516-8209. The online form will not be active until 8:30am Monday, April 17, 2017. Please fill out the on-line form here