Odyssey: Divine Art in Baltimore's Churches

The historic churches of Baltimore have outstanding examples of artwork done by the most prominent architects and artisans of the day. BROWN MEMORIAL has the largest collection of Tiffany stained glass in one place and the two largest windows ever made. CORPUS CHRISTI has the finest example of Florentine glass in the U.S. EMMANUEL EPISCOPAL has the only example in Baltimore of stained glass by John LaFarge, who shared fame with his contemporary Louis Comfort Tiffany. A rare example of a stained glass window designed by a woman and the only one in Baltimore is the Great East Window at Emmanuel. The baptismal font was carved by Daniel Chester French who sculpted the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. These are just a few examples of the statues, mosaics, stained glass, murals, paintings, organ cases, and carvings that can be found in Baltimore's historic churches.

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