Do you type fast and want to make some money?

Volunteers are needed for paid experimental studies ($15 an hour) to investigate how native speakers of English type simple or complex sequences of words on a keyboard.

+ are 18 to 35 years old
+ are a native speaker of English
+ don't have any history of learning, language, or hearing disabilities
+ can type without looking at your hands

+ study the brain mechanisms that allow us to type on a keyboard
+ run experiments on both the Homewood campus (Krieger Hall) and in our lab in Fells Point (Thames Street)
+ offer $15 an hour as compensation and reimburse transportation costs
+ can show you your brain activity in real time

If you are interested in participating or want more details, contact Svetlana Pinet,

-- (IRB protocols: Understanding and Improving Language Production, Executive Control and Related Cognitive Functions, HIRB #IRB00044412, PI: Nazbanou Nozari; Investigation and Behavioral Interventions for Learning, Memory, and Cognition in Healthy and Neurologically Impaired Participants, #NA_00049879, PI: Barry Gordon)