Now you can get your cellular devices repaired onsite

Johns Hopkins has signed an agreement with a local company called Fixt for onsite repair of cellular devices (smartphones and tablets). This service is available for both personal and corporate devices. The service is primarily used for repair of cracked screens but can also address button and battery repair issues.

For personal devices, the holder can create a repair request online. The site will provide a quote and then the opportunity to proceed with booking the repair request. The end user pays in advance via credit card as part of creating the repair ticket. The Fixt technician typically will be able to make an onsite same business day appointment to repair smartphone and tablet devices. This service may not be the "least cost" method of repair but does offer the convenience of having an onsite technician visit. Most device warranties should not be impacted by third party screen repair, but we suggest that each person investigate his or her warranty situation prior to initiating a repair request.

Individuals who carry corporate-owned devices should contact with a description of the problem and the cellular number. We will let the holder know the estimated cost of repair (via Fixt), in comparison to purchasing a new device. If the repair is deemed to be more economical and desirable, we will provide instructions on opening a repair ticket. In most scenarios, the Fixt technician will conduct a same-day, on-site repair visit. The cost of the repair will be billed back to the SAP budget number associated with the monthly billing of the cellular device which was repaired.

This service has been used several times and feedback was good on each occasion.