Earn a free Master's degree at JHU's School of Education with the Baltimore Education Fellows program

The Baltimore Education Fellows Scholarship is open to graduates of JHU's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences who want to make a difference in Baltimore city classrooms and are interested in urban education reform. The scholarship provides for full-tuition support for deserving and highly-qualified candidates who have a desire to gain experience in the most challenged and low-performing schools.

Baltimore Education Fellows are enrolled in the full-time Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, with a few variations based on the intent of the scholarship: Certification areas are in elementary education only (Grades 1-6)* 1 pre-internship in a community and educational setting in Baltimore City, 2 clinical internships in Baltimore City schools only, with priority given to JHU-operated schools. All classes are held at the Homewood campus. For 2017-2018, only elementary certification is available. See http://education.jhu.edu/Academics/masters/MAT/fellows/index.