'Distortion, Destruction, and Memory'

"Distortion, Destruction, and Memory," the second event in the What Is Happening? performative art series, will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. on March 14, in Memorial Hall, Gilman entryway.


What is Happening? partners with local artists and Hopkins student groups to stage interactive arts events, or Happenings, on campus based on issues significant to Baltimore. This Happening was created in collaboration with students from the "Who Owns Culture" fall seminar and Suwan Kim, student artist from MICA.

Artist's statement: "The focus of the project will be to artificially preserve non-concrete and ephemeral matters by forming structures and eventually building a mythological and labyrinth-like cityscape: a museum of thoughts, unrelated moments, memories, confusion, and contradiction. I will be exploring the basics of architectural drawing, modeling, and pushing this theoretical study of space by relating them with the personal discourse on memory, dream, and language.Reflecting on the idea of artifacts, destruction of cultural heritage, distortion of history and cultural sites, my exploration will be a poetic act of restoring my lost and fragmented personal history through spatial reconstruction. Through the investigation process, I will eventually gain an understanding of urban space in narrative form, about language, history, and individual human minds.The outcome of the project will be making of an archeological museum which will be presented to the public that includes text, drawings, 3D architectural models and video works put together as an interactive installation. The exhibition space will enable the audience to walk through the displayed objects and understand the narrative through visual and sensorial interaction."