Hopkins Eco-Smart reminders are coming to campus

The Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the Office of Communications, Homewood Recycling, Housing, Res Life, and Dining, Facilities, and many others, is thrilled to install new signage in various forms across campus encouraging sustainable action in everything, from turning off the lights to composting correctly.

Sustainability is part of the fabric of Johns Hopkins University. Everyday Eco-Smart actions add up to significant conservation, so there's a role for everyone to play. New stickers will remind students in residence halls and dining facilities to conserve valuable resources: food, plastic, paper, water, and energy. If you are interested in installing these stickers in your office space, the Office of Sustainability can work with you to place an order.

Reducing the volume of waste we produce as individuals and as an institution, as well as responsibly disposing of that waste, supports a culture of sustainability. New waste bin signs should help you better understand how to sort your waste. Next time you're at the station of incineration, recycle, and compost bins, take some extra time to examine the signs and learn what goes where. If you'd like a waste-sorting overview at staff meeting or have a specific question, reach out to the Office of Sustainability at sustainability@jhu.edu. Thank you for supporting a culture of environmental responsibility for future generations at JHU!

Waste bin signage is currently being installed at Homewood, with Eastern, Mount Washington, Keswick, and others up next. If you don't see these signs at your campus yet, you should soon.

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