Tax-exempt status expires Feb. 15

If an employee is currently claiming exempt for his or her federal or state withholding, that exemption will expire on Feb. 15. Employees who wish to continue their exempt status are required by law to supply their employer with new tax withholding forms for each year. 

Please visit Employee Self Service to update your tax information prior to Feb. 15. If you wish to continue your exempt status, once you are in ESS you must review your withholding status, select renew, and save the record. You must do this for both federal and state if you wish to be exempt for both. If you review the records but fail to save them, your exempt status will expire on Feb. 15. You must review, renew, and save your information by Feb. 15.

If ESS is not updated by Feb. 15, the exempt status will be changed to withhold at the default tax rates, which is single and 0 exemptions for federal and single and one exemption for state.

If you have any questions, please contact HR-Payroll Shared Services at 443-997-5828.