Year-end employee payroll checklist

It's important to review your payroll information on a regular basis but especially as you prepare for year-end. Here are some tools to assist in reviewing your data and obtaining future information.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Using Employee Self Service, you'll easily be able to:

  • Update your permanent address, emergency contact information, work phone number, race, ethnicity, military status, direct deposit information, and tax withholding information
  • View your pay statement up to 48 hours before pay day

Register to receive your W-2 electronically

Don't waste time at the mailbox waiting for a paper W-2 to be delivered by mail! You can go on the web and register to receive your W-2 online. It's that simple!

Advantages of electronically furnished W-2s:

  • Your W-2 will be available sooner than a printed copy.
  • When your W-2 is available, a notification will be sent to the email address you provide at the time you register.
  • Your W-2 can be printed from the web and/or saved as a PDF file on your computer.
  • You can import your W-2 directly into tax software such as TurboTax.
  • You can reprint a copy of your current W-2 during the year free of charge.

You will receive an email in mid-to-late January letting you know when your W-2 is available via the web.

No action is required if you registered in a past year to receive your W-2 electronically. However, if this is the first year you decide to receive your W-2 electronically and you need to register, or if your email has changed or needs to be checked to verify what is currently on file, use this link.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Employees may be entitled to claim an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) on their 2016 federal and Maryland income tax returns if both their federal adjusted gross income and their earned income is less than:

  • $48,340 (for married filing jointly $53,930) – if you have three or more qualifying children
  • $45,007 (for married filing jointly $50,597) – if you have two qualifying children
  • $39,617 (for married filing jointly $45,207) – if you have one qualifying child
  • $15,010 (for married filing jointly $20,600 – if you do not have a qualifying child

More information on federal and Maryland income taxes.