Make your holiday party a zero-waste event

Make your holiday party a zero-waste event by following two simple steps:

  1. Choose a Preferred Green Caterer. These local caterers will provide all compostable products for free (but always confirm!), can provide bulk beverages (pitchers or dispensers), have eliminated Styrofoam, and offer significant vegetarian options. The list was recently updated, so take a look if you're looking to try someone new! Confirm that the caterer will serve chips, condiments, creamer, etc., in bulk rather than individually wrapped, so that no trash bin is needed.

  2. Coordinate the appropriate bins for your event. Request event support through Homewood Recycling or Events Services, depending on the space. If you choose a Green Caterer, your event will be "zero-waste," meaning everything discarded at the event is either compostable or recyclable. Zero-waste events, unlike other events, are not charged a fee for waste services. That's a savings of $30 to $120 per event.

Once these details are arranged, you'll want to take a few final steps to promote your efforts and help guests sort their waste appropriately. Contact the Office of Sustainability (mailto: for signage, table tents, PowerPoint slides, sustainability commitment language, and other ideas specific to your event. See the Green Event Planning page on the website for further info.

Of the 500 events hosted at the Homewood campus last year, 67 percent were zero-waste. Make your event reflect the #HopkinsEcoSmart values, reduce your impact, and save money.

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