Holiday decorations

The holidays are fast upon us, and the Department of Health, Safety, and Environment would like to remind everyone at Johns Hopkins that all holiday decorations must comply with the fire code. All ornaments, decorations, and displays must be made of flame-retardant materials. Electric lights or ornaments must be approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), such as U.L. (Underwriter's Laboratory) or F.M. (Factory Mutual).

You must be able to document that all decorations you use meet these criteria. If you cannot prove that they do, do not use them.

  • Cut trees and live cut decorations are prohibited. Living, root-balled trees may be used with prior approval of Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Hanging ornaments and decorations from the ceiling is prohibited.
  • Ornaments cannot be hung on sprinklers or within 18" of a sprinkler.
  • Ornaments and decorations cannot block any exit signage or fire safety equipment.

We want this to be a happy and safe holiday season. Please be sure that you only use decorations that comply with fire safe standards.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Johns Hopkins policy on decorations.