Odyssey: The Hollywood Superhero, from Gunslinger to Superman

At one time, the Western ruled as a genre in literature, film, and TV. Now, we have science fiction epics and comic-book superheroes. How did we get from one to the other? In this course, we will discuss four films that take us on a journey from sagebrush to cosmic rays: Shane (George Stevens, 1953), The Magnificent Seven (John Sturges, 1960), Superman (Richard Donner, 1978), and The Avengers (Josh Whedon, 2012). Although our focus will be on these particular films and the trajectory of their development, we will also explore their respective contexts in time, place, and culture. Please note that all films need to be watched prior to each class meeting. We will screen clips from each film—but not the entire film—as well as clips from related works.

913.190.01 Homewood campus
Mondays, Nov. 7 to 28, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Cost: $99 (four sessions)

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