Work with 'newcomer" students at a local school as a classroom support intern

Work with 'Newcomer" Students at a Local School as a Classroom Support Intern

Within walking distance from the Hopkins Medical Campus, Commodore John Rodgers (CJR) has a large and growing "newcomer" ESOL population. The CJR Newcomer Student Support Team (NeSST) will help serve the needs of students who mostly have recently emigrated from Latin America, primarily in middle school science and math classes. (We also have students from Russia, China and India). The Classroom Support Intern will support students, lead small groups, translate various documents, support parent conferences and/or conversations and assist lead 5teacher with other responsibilities. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of both English and one of the following second languages: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, or Mandarin, be comfortable communicating and breaking down academic material for student learning and have an interest in working with middle school students and/or youth in East Baltimore. There is a 1-3 hours/week commitment, supporting one or two class periods. Training will be provided. Interested? Contact us: Michael Glenwick -