Changes for pedestrians around San Martin Drive construction

In order to better accommodate pedestrians in the vicinity of the San Martin Drive Pedestrian Improvements project, a few changes will be made this week at the intersections of San Martin Drive and University Parkway, and Wyman Park Drive and Remington Avenue.

At Remington Avenue, a pedestrian pathway similar to what is currently in place will be established along the JHU campus side of the roadway adjacent to the construction site. On Wednesday night, Oct. 5, new striping will be installed at the Remington Avenue intersection shifting the northbound and southbound lanes slightly to the west. On Thursday night, Oct. 6, jersey barriers and fencing will be installed to establish the realigned pedestrian walkway.

On Sunday night, Oct. 9, one eastbound lane of University Parkway from Tudor Arms Avenue to San Martin Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic in order to provide a bike lane and a safe pedestrian pathway along the JHU campus side of University Parkway during construction. Jersey barriers will be installed in order to change the traffic pattern. In collaboration with the Department of Transportation, orange barrels will be installed beginning at 40th Street to Tudor Arms Avenue to merge down traffic converging at the University Parkway and the 40th Street traffic light. The intent is to slow down vehicular traffic before it intersects with crosswalks at Tudor Arms Avenue and at 39th Street. On Monday night, Oct. 10, fencing will be installed on the barriers as necessary.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue the final phases of construction.