Film and foam recycling

In an effort to divert more items from the incinerator, Homewood Recycling will now accept film plastics and polystyrene foam for recycling. Film plastics include shopping bags; shrink, bubble, and product wrap; air-filled packing pillows; newspaper and dry cleaning bags; empty and dry bread and Ziploc bags, etc. Basically if it stretches we will take it. If it tears like paper it is not acceptable. Polystyrene foam includes only #6 packaging foam and coolers; no loose peanuts or food/beverage foam please.

Film plastics are recycled into many different products but mostly composite lumber or resins to make new bags, pallets, and containers. Polystyrene foam is taken to the DPW Recycling Station on Sisson and 29th streets. From there it is transported to the Dart Container Corp. in Pennsylvania, processed and sold to manufacturers to make premium picture frames, crown molding, and many other useful products.

Please wait until you have a bags worth of material before submitting a request. You can use the recycling request form found on the Homewood Recycling website. Select waste/recycle removal in the drop-down menu and indicate in the description box what type of material you have. If you have any questions, please contact Leana Houser, recycling manager, at

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